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Querido Viejo Tequila Reposado

Querido Viejo Tequila Reposado

Image courtesy of Grover Sanschagrin

Tequila Querido Viejo Reposado - Aged in white oak barrels for an average of 9 months, QV Reposado unleashes the smooth taste of QV Silver along with a hint of oak.

Tequila Querido Viejo was first produced back in 1995 by Xochitl Livier Reynoso Zamora under the name "Mi Viejo", and was changed to "Querido Viejo" due to legal issues. The recipe however remains the same.


  • NOM: 1431
  • Distillery: Destiladora Los Magos, S.A. de C.V.
  • Region: Highlands - Los Altos
  • Distillation Steps: Double
  • Alc. Vol: 40%

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