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Bonita Tequila Platinum

Bonita Tequila Platinum

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Bonita Platinum Tequila is 100% Agave and produced at La Cofradia in Jalisco, Mexico. Bonita Platinum is the world’s only five-times distilled tequila, but the true secrets behind our exceptionalism are held close to the chest. Indeed, only those who are themselves exceptional have had the pleasure of tasting the true refinement and elegance of our craft.

Bonita Platinum is enclosed in a stunning bottle and stopper made of pure crystal housed in a velvet-lined box and tied with a satin black tie. On the table, the bottle glistens in the light like a diamond and serves as a contemplative piece while you enjoy the nuances of flavor within. Whether with friends or family, Bonita is a gift to yourself that’s best when shared. Nothing else resembles high class and sophistication as the choice made through good taste, an eye for the beautiful, and a heart of goodwill.


  • NOM: 1137
  • Distillery: La Cofradia, S.A. DE C.V.
  • Region: Lowlands - Central
  • Distillation Steps: Quintuple
  • Alc. Vol: 40%