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ArteNOM Seleccion de 1079 Tequila Blanco

ArteNOM Seleccion de 1079 Tequila Blanco

Image courtesy of referenced tequila brand

Tequila ArteNOM presents aficionados with the personal selections of world-class artisan tequila distillers. These limited release Selecciones celebrate the best of tequila craftsmanship by highlighting the agave cultivation altitude, soil and masterful distillation techniques of different tequila-producing regions.


  • NOM: 1079
  • Distillery: Agave Tequilana Prod. y Comercializadores, S.A. C.V.
  • Region: Highlands - Los Altos
  • Distillation Steps: Double
  • Alc. Vol: 40%

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