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Bracero Tequila Anejo

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Bracero Tequila Anejo

Bracero Tequila Anejo is kept in the white oak caskets for more than one year. It has a woody taste and amber color. Tequila Bracero is produced with the finest agave plant which contains 100% blue agave.

Bracero Tequila is produced with the finest agave plant. Each of the fine products contain 100% blue agave, harvested direct from the valley of agave in El Arenal, Jalisco, just minutes away from tequila town, Jalisco Mexico.


  • NOM: 1524
  • Distillery: Elaboración de Bebidas Destiladas de Agave, S.A. de C.V.
  • Region: Highlands - Los Altos
  • Distillation Steps: Double
  • Barrel/Cask: White Oak
  • Alc. Vol: 40%