I love going to Spain, of course it's sunny, the people are friendly and there's nothing better than sitting on a terrace eating tapas and watching the world go by...but my main love of Spain is that I always can pick up a bottle of Corralejo whilst I'm there. For some reason my sources in the Netherlands are never able to get one in for me. Okay, I could order online...but that just takes away the romance of it all!

There's always a bottle out there that you've always wanted to try. More often than not it ends up being much harder to get your hands on the you would have expected. For me it's been Cabo Wabo. For years it's name has been banded about and over in Europe you had to be lucky to get your hands on one of the few bottles that crossed the pond. Luckily enough a colleague of mine was heading State-side and I thought I'd make use of his alcohol allowance.....it's okay, he wasn't gonna use it!

How can you resist the look of this fine looking bottle!? The second you see it in the store you know that you should own a bottle of it. I'd even planned to empty the bottle, fill it with water and use it as a book-end at work....but that's just me! As always I reach for the reposado first although this time the colour of the other two bottles.

It's never been easy to pick up tequila from the store in the Netherlands. I used to have two places that I could always get a good bottle from, recently that changed to just one as the owners of one such store choose that it was time to retire. Come January next year the other store will shut down and I'm going to be looking for another source.

Anyway this weekend I picked up a bottle of Cava Don Anastacio reposado and took it for a test drive in my sunny garden.

So if you've read the 'reposado' post then you'll know how this tequila ended up on my drinking list. If you've not read it then you can check it out here. Clicky

Within the borders of Mexico this tequila goes under the name of Casa Real, outside we know it as Casa Vieja and, believe it or not, this tequila is Kosher.