It's often more difficult for us Europeans to get our hands on premium tequilas, but sometimes when you think things are working against you, the can also work in your favour. Here in Europe we're not subject to advertising and we tend to try a bit of this and a bit of that without any prejudice. Unlike the US, we're not spoilt for choice, and on a recent trip through Amsterdam I picked up a bottle of Los Pilones Añejo. It intrigued me as firstly I recognised the name from a Mexican bar in Amsterdam and secondly the NOM seemed familiar to me (Herencia de Plata).

I've been meaning to write this for quite sometime now but I just seem to end up either working too much or forgetting that I should be sitting down and reviewing this legend of the tequila world, after all Herradura have been making tequila since 1870. I've actually had this bottle open and it's been going around my dinner table since Christmas, it's starting to look a little on the empty side. That's got to be a good thing right!?

Okies, I had to dive into town over lunch and decided to pop into my local tequila shop. Regrettably they're having trouble getting their hands on my favourite bottle of Jose Cuervo Añejo, so I thought I'd roll the dice and pick up a bottle of Tres Generaciones Añejo from Sauza. I'd already drunk the blanco from Tres Generaciones and was keen to see how the añejo held up!

Argh, we were out of coffee! That's got to be the worst thing about the 'Nespresso' system, if you forget to order online you've got to venture out to one of the few stores that stock the capsules in person. Of course to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. What do I mean? Well since I'd dragged myself to town why not pop into the liquor store and make the most of it by picking up a bottle of tequila. I was browsing the shelves and thought it was about time I grabbed the bottle of Amate and took it home for a tasting.

Currently only available in California (and soon in Texas) paQuí tequila is a relative newcomer to the tequila scene. The guys at paQuí were however kind enough to get a bottle over to sunny Florida for us to review.

This blanco tequila comes in a uniquely shaped bottle housed in a box reminiscent of an Aztec pyramid...ever since it arrived I've been excitied about drinking it. I popped on to the official website to see what they had to say about their product and the guys at paQuí were clearly promising that I wouldn't be dissapointed.