There were many things I intended to do on a recent trip to Mexico, things I wanted to see...but only one bottle on my list that I just 'had' to pick up whilst I was there. Los Abuelos, or La Fortaleza as it's know outside Mexico, is created by the legendary Guillermo Sauza, fifth generation tequila maker and decendent of Don Cenobio Sauza who originally founded the Sauza tequila company in 1873. Los Abuelos/La Fortaleza use only 100% estate grown blue Weber Agave, aged in oak barrels for 6-9 months to create their reposado, and they do it all in the traditional way.

It's not often that we take the time to review a mixto on this site, but more often than not most people's first experience with tequila is with a cheap mixto rather than a 100% agave brand. Now I'm no tequila snob, well I am, but something enticed me to check this brand out and see if perhaps there was something out there that might stop people reaching for the standard bottle of Sauza or Cuervo.

Something new, well at least for us, was to get our hands on some flavoured tequila from Tanteo. Normally we'd advise avoiding these sort of things as the flavour is usually an additive that's been thrown in, but Tanteo are infusing their tequila to get these flavours so, along with it's attractive packaging, it entices you to see what it's all about.

Flavoured tequila was previously prohibited by the CRT, but in 2006 the rules surrounding the infusion of tequilas with various flavours was relaxed allowing for the production of these drinks.

For ages I'd been desperate to get my hands on a bottle of this stuff. It's won countless awards and I've even seen a documentary about the brand on the Discovery Channel. I know, who'd blame me for adding it to my wish list. Once again I find myself in Berlin and a trip to KaDeWe reveals a nicely stocked liquor department with some bottles of tequila that I've not been previously able to buy. I cruise past the bottle of Vodka that was retailing for a cool million euros, wander over to the tequila section, grabbed a bottle or two, and hit that checkout one happy customer.

Yes, as so many people have observed this tequila is real and not just a prop used on the TV series 'Entourage'. Tequila Avión is a newcomer to the tequila market and unlike other newcomers they're entering the market with the full range and not just the blanco. Now either Tequila Avión have been sitting in the wings for some time planning the release or they're pushing this juice for someone else. Now we've been drinking this for the last week so I'm sure it's the former rather than the latter.