Summer is fast approaching, although looking out the window you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise (my car was recently hammered with hail stones the size of golf balls). Stay positive, I'm sure summer is just around the corner now. One tequila I always tend to pick up around this time is a bottle of Sauza Hornitos reposado for those afternoon margaritas. I've always found that it does the job rather well, and it's not too shabby straight up either. Unlike the bottle of Sauza that you'd typically find in restaurants and bars this bottle is 100% agave and it's not that much more expensive, which makes you wonder why people are forced to drink the mixto!? Anyway...

My expectations are always low when I'm looking for tequila in the drink section of an English supermarket. Chances are that they usual 'mixto' subjects will be there and the possibility of a 100% agave tequila being on the shelf ranges from slim to none. However, to my surprise I've noticed Don Agustín appearing in more and more places. I never shy away from a bottle that I've never drunk (as long as it says 100% puro de agave on it) and Don Agustín is one of the reasons why you shouldn't either.

There are tequila bottles that are hand blown, those that are crafted from pewter and then there are the simple bottles, the ones who's functional is clear. Keep the tequila in! Herencia de Plata offers tequila at a reasonable price in practical packaging that is never going to win a beauty contest. For that reason I grabbed hold of this bottle one afternoon to find out if it really was all about inner beauty.

I've been meaning to write this for quite sometime now but I just seem to end up either working too much or forgetting that I should be sitting down and reviewing this legend of the tequila world, after all Herradura have been making tequila since 1870. I've actually had this bottle open and it's been going around my dinner table since Christmas, it's starting to look a little on the empty side. That's got to be a good thing right!?

I love going to Spain, of course it's sunny, the people are friendly and there's nothing better than sitting on a terrace eating tapas and watching the world go by...but my main love of Spain is that I always can pick up a bottle of Corralejo whilst I'm there. For some reason my sources in the Netherlands are never able to get one in for me. Okay, I could order online...but that just takes away the romance of it all!