How can you resist the look of this fine looking bottle!? The second you see it in the store you know that you should own a bottle of it. I'd even planned to empty the bottle, fill it with water and use it as a book-end at work....but that's just me! As always I reach for the reposado first although this time the colour of the other two bottles.

It's never been easy to pick up tequila from the store in the Netherlands. I used to have two places that I could always get a good bottle from, recently that changed to just one as the owners of one such store choose that it was time to retire. Come January next year the other store will shut down and I'm going to be looking for another source.

Anyway this weekend I picked up a bottle of Cava Don Anastacio reposado and took it for a test drive in my sunny garden.

I was out and about in Amsterdam to meet up friend from Oxford who was in town on business. The GLW (Good Lady Wife) fancied some tapas so we enquired about any restaraunts in the area that might foot the bill. Directions were recieved and we ended up at 'Los Pilones - Cantina Mexico' off one of the side streets. It's owned by a Spanish guy and the food, although not tapas, was damn fine! There were plenty of mexican beers on the entire wall of tequila!!!

So....the wife and I were shopping in London today and of course we pulled in at Navajo Joe's in Covent Garden for dinner. As usual, when I'm in a bar with a decent stock of tequila, I was talking shop with the barman over what tequila I like, what I don't like and those out there that I really want to try. I was advised to give this particular tequila a go.....and I wasn't disappointed. 

Tequila Penca Azul is the masterpiece of four generations of the Ruiz Family of Mexico. It is the result of 100 years of experience in the art of making fine tequila. Penca Azul is kept in 180 litre oak barrels that are filled, stored in rows and let to rest under close inspection by the Ruiz family.