I have a list of tequila that I'm always looking for, I'm pretty sure most aficionados have one too. It gives me great delight to track down those bottles and finally get to review them. 30-30 just happens to be one of those tequilas. With its rustic styled bottle and an array of accolades, stretching back to 1998, it's of no surprise that it made the list.

Tequila Details

Name: Tequila 30-30 Reposado
NOM: 1068
Distillery: Agroindustria Guadalajara, SA CV
Location: Highlands – Los Altos
Website: aigtequila.com

Review Notes

The name of this brand has its origin in the legendary Winchester rifle, the Treinta-Treinta (30-30). Known as the rifle that conquered the West, it is now seen as an icon of Mexican Revolutionaries. It is the only rifle that has inspired the creation of a traditional Mexican song because of its great importance in Mexican history.

First and foremost I've got to talk about the bottle. In recent years people have been branding tequila as a much more high-end product. As a graphic designer, yes I do indeed have a proper job, I have a great affinity for modern stylings but I do also have a weak spot for the quirky and quaint too. The rustic style of 30-30 in particular grabs my interest and makes it easy to spot when on the shelf amongst all those modern bottles.

The tequila is golden in colour with a smokey agave aroma. In the nose there is a very prominent sweet caramel scent and a somewhat more subtle deep oak essence. The legs are thick and slow, beading will occur...but you have to be patient to see it.

My first sip reaffirms the presence of agave and oak and, as I roll the tequila over my tongue, there is a hint of cinnamon to be detected. I'm getting a slight amount of heat from the alcohol, but it's pleasant and subdued giving a smooth and easy-going feel to this tequila.

The warmth of the alcohol remains as I swallow, as does the warmth of the agave and cinnamon spice. As I draw air in to my mouth I can detect a slight earthiness. The finish is long and pleasant.

All in all 30-30 Reposado is a smooth tequila that is excellent value for money, around €20 - €30*. As always I do have issue with the screw cap on the bottle, but for tequila in this price range, that is still of fine quality, I'm willing to let go of my romance for the cork. Over the years this tequila has racked up quite a few accolades, so it's certainly a bottle you should be looking to get in to your collection.

*Price converted from US Dollars