Yes, we got our hands on the Gold as well. Don’t we mean Reposado? Well no actually, this one’s being marketed as a Gold. Don’t panic it’s still 100% agave, the Gold classification can also be the result of blending a Silver Tequila with a Reposado and/or Añejo Tequila, whilst keeping it 100% agave. That or it's been kept not quite long enough in the barrel to warrant the Reposado classification.

Tequila Details

Name: Pura Vida (Gold)
NOM: 1414
Distillery: Feliciano Vivanco y Asociados, S. A. de C. V.
Location: Highlands - Los Altos

Review Notes

As reposados go, this tequila leans to a lighter shade of amber on the color chart. Sometimes, for me at least, a reposado can have too much flavour, too much wood and too much vanilla, which is why you will typically find me drinking blancos. I think Pura Vida have headed in the right direction here and, regardless of whether they've left the juice for a shorter period in the barrel (which would have to be less than two months) or that they opted to blend various ages of tequila, have managed to create a balanced tequila with just the right amount of everything.

My instincts were telling me that this tequila wasn't blended and was most likely matured in the barrel for a shorter period, but I wanted confirmation so I got in contact with Stewart Skloss from Pura Vida. As it happens my instincts were right, but not about everything. Stuart tells me that to all intents and purposes this is a true 'Reposado' and it is purely being market as 'Gold' in the US as most Americans have much more familiarity with the terminology 'Gold' compared to 'Reposado' when ordering this level of tequila. In Mexico however the branding on the bottle clearly states it's authenticity as a 'Reposado'.

The flowery undertones are present in both the nose and on the palate and, as previously mentioned, the balance of wood and vanilla is perfect. The astringency that can be found in the blanco can once again be found here, and in my options transforms this into a great sipper. Aftertaste is crisp due to the astringency, and this one’s got a bit more fuerte...although it takes a wee while while for it to kick in.

If I had to use one word to describe this bottle I’d go with balanced, and that's not a word I like to throw around that often. This is definitely one tequila you should try at some point, if not only to allay your fears that all gold tequila is mixto and headache juice.

¡Salud y’all!