Tequila Penca Azul is the masterpiece of four generations of the Ruiz Family of Mexico. It is the result of 100 years of experience in the art of making fine tequila. Penca Azul is kept in 180 litre oak barrels that are filled, stored in rows and let to rest under close inspection by the Ruiz family.

Tequila Details

Brand: Penca Azúl Reposado
NOM: 1115
Distillery: Tequila La Parreñita, S.A. de C.V.
Region: Lowlands - Central
Website: http://www.pencazul.com

Review Notes

This is very light for a reposado, very light in flavour too (no flash at all). It starts smooth, fruity, but not overly sweet. A mild agave presence with slight smoky flavor and a dry finish. The people who make this rent a small factory (that's what they call them) to produce their tequila. All agaves sellected from their own estate. They even bring their own "secret" yeast to do the fermetation. This is pure heaven in a glass.

¡Salud y'all!

And I found this:
"Penca Azul is water clear and almost colorless. It noses a little smokey, much like a fine mezcal before showing off soft agave. In the mouth Penca Azul is crisp, with a touch of lemon, smoke, and a super smooth close. It is disturbingly easy to sip. Bravo.