There were many things I intended to do on a recent trip to Mexico, things I wanted to see...but only one bottle on my list that I just 'had' to pick up whilst I was there. Los Abuelos, or La Fortaleza as it's know outside Mexico, is created by the legendary Guillermo Sauza, fifth generation tequila maker and decendent of Don Cenobio Sauza who originally founded the Sauza tequila company in 1873. Los Abuelos/La Fortaleza use only 100% estate grown blue Weber Agave, aged in oak barrels for 6-9 months to create their reposado, and they do it all in the traditional way.

Tequila Details

Name: Los Abuelos/La Fortaleza Reposado
NOM: 1493
Distillery: Tequila Los Abuelos, S.A. de C.V.
Location: Lowlands - Central

Review Notes

It's probably worth mentioning as we kick this off that I'm more of a Highlands tequila drinker, as I browse through my collection it's quite obvious that I've got a bit of a sweet tooth. No I'm not setting you up for a fall, but simply stating my preference to further emphasise just how good this bottle is. Oh and it's probably worth mentioning too that this bottle is from Lot 7.

The bottle, that's the first thing that grabs your attention. It is in itself a work of art. Made of handblow glass with an artisan designed bottle top,  hand-crafted by the workers at the distillery themselves, to represent the harvested agave Piña. Artwork of a horse grinding Piña with a Tahona stone graces the label and complete the classic look.

In my glass, as I pour with the greatest of care not to spill anyway, I notice it's a dark amber in colour. The tequila has a somewhat oily consitency and it clings to my glass forming very slow tears. I know I should wait to see if those tears bead, but I just don't have the patience. The first aroma to hit my nose is of wood, it smells thick and oily. The smell of the agave is resting there behind the wood enticing you to take that initial sip. I fight the urge to drink and inhale once more where I'm met again with that deep aroma of wood, which I could almost swear was pine.

I succumb to my urge to drink and I'm unable to detect any bitterness on my palette and, as in the nose, there is an oily texture. It's balanced and smooth. Agave heat is present, but not overpowering, and there's a deep flavour of wood and earth. The heat from the agave remains warm on my tongue and as I feel it cooling I detect hints of butter and vanilla. My throat is still warm and as the agave heat subsides from my tongue I'm left with is the most amazing after taste of fruit and cinnamon. It really is quite something.

This bottle is all, and maybe even just a wee bit more, that I hoped it would be. Now perhaps my opinion is biased as this is something I've always wanted to drink, but I trust my senses and I know that the quality of this product isn't just in my head. If you have the opportunity to try this in a bar don't hesitate for one second. Should you come across this in a store, then rest assured it will soon take pride of place in your collection.

¡Salud y’all!