My expectations are always low when I'm looking for tequila in the drink section of an English supermarket. Chances are that they usual 'mixto' subjects will be there and the possibility of a 100% agave tequila being on the shelf ranges from slim to none. However, to my surprise I've noticed Don Agustín appearing in more and more places. I never shy away from a bottle that I've never drunk (as long as it says 100% puro de agave on it) and Don Agustín is one of the reasons why you shouldn't either.

Tequila Details

Name: La Cava de Don Agustín Reposado
NOM: 1456
Distillery: Tequila Supremo, S.A. De C.V.
Region: Highlands – Los Altos
Website: (no longer active)

Review Notes

Light amber in colour this reposado has a moderate agave presence with a clear caramel nose. Additionally there are floral tones as well as an oaky aroma. It is sweet to the taste with that clear caramel smell coming through onto your tastebuds. I'm also sensing something nutty in the mix, perhaps hazelnuts. The finish is smooth, a little bitter, with a strong peppery aftertaste. This is a somewhat complex and powerful tequila offering some serious value for money.

Originally named La Arandina, after the town that houses the distillery, the company was founded in 1938 by Don Jose Agustín Camerena, a visionary man with an entrepeneur spirit who forged a family tradition based on one dream: to produce the best tequila, taking the best agave flavour from Los Altos of Jalisco, not only to Mexico, but to the rest of the world.


¡Salud y’all!