I've been meaning to write this for quite sometime now but I just seem to end up either working too much or forgetting that I should be sitting down and reviewing this legend of the tequila world, after all Herradura have been making tequila since 1870. I've actually had this bottle open and it's been going around my dinner table since Christmas, it's starting to look a little on the empty side. That's got to be a good thing right!?

Tequila Notes

Brand: Herradura Reposado
NOM: 1119
Distillery: Brown - Forman Tequila Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Region: Lowlands - Central
Web Site: http://www.herradura.com

Review Notes

This reposado is a light golden colour with a very strong floral nose. I've drunk this from both a caballito and a long stemmed glass and I've got to admit that I personally prefer it from a caballito as the long stemmed glass really intensifies that floral aroma. I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad thing, it's just my that for me I'd prefer to smell the oaky caramel that's advertised. Under the floral aroma the agave is clear and I also pick up earthy and fruity undertones, making me think of apples (almost reminiscent of calvados). This reposado is initially light on the tongue but is yet somewhat sweet and spicy (cinnamon) all at the same time. It has a relatively short finish with only the alcohol sensation choosing to go the distance.

Considering the bottle is waining it's clear to say that I don't dislike this tequila, but for the money you will most certainly find a better reposado for sipping.

¡Salud y’all!