So....the wife and I were shopping in London today and of course we pulled in at Navajo Joe's in Covent Garden for dinner. As usual, when I'm in a bar with a decent stock of tequila, I was talking shop with the barman over what tequila I like, what I don't like and those out there that I really want to try. I was advised to give this particular tequila a go.....and I wasn't disappointed. 

Tequila Details

Brand: D'Reyes Tequila De Don Jesus
Nom: 1423
Distillery: Tequila D'Reyes, S.A. DE C.V
Location: Lowlands - Central

Review Notes

Gotta say it was lighter than I expected, clear gold, and very sweet indeed. The pepper was lurking not too far away though and boy was it smooth. I was in danger of throwing it all back way to quick. It was incredibly light to drink and that sweet smell was ever present in every sip. A pure joy to drink. This tequila clearly stands out as having a less pepper kick though, whether or not that is your thing it's a good bottle indeed! Apparently it's not so easy to get at the moment....but who knows if that's true or not! I do know that in the States it's certainly one of the rarer tequilas to get your hands on.

¡Salud y’all!