I love going to Spain, of course it's sunny, the people are friendly and there's nothing better than sitting on a terrace eating tapas and watching the world go by...but my main love of Spain is that I always can pick up a bottle of Corralejo whilst I'm there. For some reason my sources in the Netherlands are never able to get one in for me. Okay, I could order online...but that just takes away the romance of it all!


Tequila Notes

Brand: Corralejo Reposdao
NOM: 1368
Distillery: Tequilera Corralejo, S.A. de C.V.
Region: Highlands - Los Altos
Web Site: http://www.tequilacorralejo.com.mx/

Review Notes

The first thing that strikes you is the long blue glass bottle before you. The bottle attracts you're attention when you see it and you should take note. Pull the stopper out and you're hit with a sweet caramel oak aroma. There is a light agave nose there too and just a minor tone of vanilla and honey. The tequila itself is a golden straw colour. What strikes me most about the taste of this tequila is the fruity body that accompanies it, both lemon and lime are noticeable. Corralejo reposado is an incredibly smooth tequila yet contains a strong agave flavour which somehow balances perfectly on your tongue. One more noteable thing about Corralejo is that is has a failry long finish, and it's all good which is why Corralejo reposado is always to be found in my cupboard. This is a seriously good value-for-money tequila!

During the agave shortage in the late 1990s and early 2000s agave prices rose to an all time high and Corralejo stopped producing 100% agave tequila a dropped to 70%. Luckily those times are behind us and Corralejo are back to producing 100% agave tequila, let's hope they don't stop!

¡Salud y’all!