I’ve always declared that I was a drinker, rather than a collector, yet currently I’ve discovered that I have approximately 50 bottles of tequila on my shelves. Safe to say the good lady wife has requested that I start emptying some of them. To be fair the vast majority of these bottles are almost empty, they have one or two glasses left in them at best. I tend to drink from a bottle and write a review then come back to it later, usually in a moment of nostalgia, finish the bottle and then finish the review. This one is long overdue.

I have a list of tequila that I'm always looking for, I'm pretty sure most aficionados have one too. It gives me great delight to track down those bottles and finally get to review them. 30-30 just happens to be one of those tequilas. With its rustic styled bottle and an array of accolades, stretching back to 1998, it's of no surprise that it made the list.

Voodoo Tiki Reposado

Christmas comes but once a year, well in December of last year it came twice for me. I returned home from work one evening to find a parcel from Voodoo Tiki Tequila on my doorstep with a bottle of their reposado in it. I'd been itching to try this for ages as I do love an over the top bottle. C'mon it's got a Tiki idol in it, how can you not want to try it?! After a short battle with the wax seal that blocks the agave juice from escaping, the review was underway.

Yes, we got our hands on the Gold as well. Don’t we mean Reposado? Well no actually, this one’s being marketed as a Gold. Don’t panic it’s still 100% agave, the Gold classification can also be the result of blending a Silver Tequila with a Reposado and/or Añejo Tequila, whilst keeping it 100% agave. That or it's been kept not quite long enough in the barrel to warrant the Reposado classification.

There were many things I intended to do on a recent trip to Mexico, things I wanted to see...but only one bottle on my list that I just 'had' to pick up whilst I was there. Los Abuelos, or La Fortaleza as it's know outside Mexico, is created by the legendary Guillermo Sauza, fifth generation tequila maker and decendent of Don Cenobio Sauza who originally founded the Sauza tequila company in 1873. Los Abuelos/La Fortaleza use only 100% estate grown blue Weber Agave, aged in oak barrels for 6-9 months to create their reposado, and they do it all in the traditional way.