For ages I'd been desperate to get my hands on a bottle of this stuff. It's won countless awards and I've even seen a documentary about the brand on the Discovery Channel. I know, who'd blame me for adding it to my wish list. Once again I find myself in Berlin and a trip to KaDeWe reveals a nicely stocked liquor department with some bottles of tequila that I've not been previously able to buy. I cruise past the bottle of Vodka that was retailing for a cool million euros, wander over to the tequila section, grabbed a bottle or two, and hit that checkout one happy customer.

Yes, as so many people have observed this tequila is real and not just a prop used on the TV series 'Entourage'. Tequila Avión is a newcomer to the tequila market and unlike other newcomers they're entering the market with the full range and not just the blanco. Now either Tequila Avión have been sitting in the wings for some time planning the release or they're pushing this juice for someone else. Now we've been drinking this for the last week so I'm sure it's the former rather than the latter.

I'm a nightmare to buy gifts for, at least that's what my wife tells me, but for my last birthday I was given a trip to Berlin to see the city and whilst there go and see Snow Patrol in concert. Don't panic this isn't going to be a concert review, although I really enjoyed it. My initial opinion of Berlin's tequila scene wasn't good. Our hotel bar only sold Olmeca and in one restaraunt that we went to there were two choices of tequila 'White' and 'Brown'. Surely a trendy city like Berlin should have more to offer?!

We headed out one afteroon to the 'Gendarmenmarkt' and after a bit of sightseeing I spotted a bar across the square with lines and lines of bottles of strong drink, surely they'd have tequila amongst it all. The bar is it happens was 'Newton-Bar', highly regarded as one of the best bars in the world (they have a bottle of Dom Perignon on the menu for a cool €1.5M should you find yourself feeling flush whilst there). I browsed the menu and after drinking Milagro, Casa Noble, Don Julio and Espolón the barman and I got into a conversation about tequila and we of course got on to the point that price is not always a good representation of quality. He then grabbed a glass, reached for a bottle that had never been opened, poured a healthy measure and said "You're the first person that's been in this bar that understands tequila, you'd best tell us if this is any good".

Argh, we were out of coffee! That's got to be the worst thing about the 'Nespresso' system, if you forget to order online you've got to venture out to one of the few stores that stock the capsules in person. Of course to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. What do I mean? Well since I'd dragged myself to town why not pop into the liquor store and make the most of it by picking up a bottle of tequila. I was browsing the shelves and thought it was about time I grabbed the bottle of Amate and took it home for a tasting.

Currently only available in California (and soon in Texas) paQuí tequila is a relative newcomer to the tequila scene. The guys at paQuí were however kind enough to get a bottle over to sunny Florida for us to review.

This blanco tequila comes in a uniquely shaped bottle housed in a box reminiscent of an Aztec pyramid...ever since it arrived I've been excitied about drinking it. I popped on to the official website to see what they had to say about their product and the guys at paQuí were clearly promising that I wouldn't be dissapointed.