Currently only available in California (and soon in Texas) paQuí tequila is a relative newcomer to the tequila scene. The guys at paQuí were however kind enough to get a bottle over to sunny Florida for us to review.

This blanco tequila comes in a uniquely shaped bottle housed in a box reminiscent of an Aztec pyramid...ever since it arrived I've been excitied about drinking it. I popped on to the official website to see what they had to say about their product and the guys at paQuí were clearly promising that I wouldn't be dissapointed.

paQui silver expresses the essence of Blue Agave, with an inviting flowery aroma and layers of complex flavors that include notes of fruit and spice. It's taste is lively, bright and elegant with a crisp, exciting finish that dance on the palate

Tequila Notes

Brand: paQuí Silvera
NOM: 1502
Distillery: Autentica Tequilera, S.A. de C.V.
Region: Lowlands - Central
Web Site:

Review Notes

Initialy I was drinking out of my go to caballito glass, but, then gave it a try out of a Riedel tequila glass and this tequila really came alive.

While my palate can't discern all of the profile in this juice, I do pick out the cooked agave, the fresh grass and of course the white pepper. A contradiction would be a slight fruity taste up front, but, finishes with a slight astringent dryness. I like that a lot in a tequila, but don't find it often.

This paQuí can/will hold it's own with any of the high end blanco tequilas, no mater their price. It makes a great sipper and although they suggest to use it in cocktails I wouldn't.

¡Salud y'all!

Want to know more? Read the paQuí press release