For ages I'd been desperate to get my hands on a bottle of this stuff. It's won countless awards and I've even seen a documentary about the brand on the Discovery Channel. I know, who'd blame me for adding it to my wish list. Once again I find myself in Berlin and a trip to KaDeWe reveals a nicely stocked liquor department with some bottles of tequila that I've not been previously able to buy. I cruise past the bottle of Vodka that was retailing for a cool million euros, wander over to the tequila section, grabbed a bottle or two, and hit that checkout one happy customer.

Tequila Details

Name: Leyenda del Milagro Silver (Blanco)
NOM: 1420
Distillery: Industrializadora de Agave San Isidro, SA de CV
Location: Highlands – Los Altos

Review Notes

Milagro is crystal clear and the first thing that strikes me is the smokey pear aromas that are drifting from the glass. There is however something in the nose of this tequila that I don't like, but I can't decide what it could just be that I'm not to keen on pears. There's a strong alcohol aroma which I'm afraid to say is not helping those wonderful agave smell, why they have allowed that I'll never know. It's a very vegetal tequila and there is just a hint of vanilla there. As I coat the sides of my glass I notice that it's thick and oily, it's got slow tears and it doesn't really want to bead. The agave, unlike in the nose, is however there in taste and just like appearances it has an oily texture, whilst at the same time having a sort of 'watered down' feel to it. Quite odd. There's a very short burn to the tequila which hangs around just long enough to make your tongue go numb and then fades, I feel that has more to do with alcohol than agave. Mixed in between all of this is vanilla, it's presence in taste is much greater than it was in the nose. As I inhale across my tongue I can vividly taste and smell the vanilla, regrettably I'm not enjoying it all that much as there is an incredibly strong bitter mint flavour  in the finish which is really not doing it for me. I find this blanco to be lackluster.

Now, I had expected much of this tequila and perhaps that's not the best way to go into a tasting. This tequila has won numerous awards (albeit for cocktails) and perhaps I'm missing something...but I doubt it. I've drunk from this bottle three times to write this review and each time it's the same story. Milagro I feel that you've let me down. You built up my hopes just to dash them as soon as we began. Quite how this tequila is picking up awards simply amazes me.

This is in no way a sipping tequila, it has no business being in a Riedel glass. All in all you're going to have more enjoyment out of this tequila by using it as a mixer. Yes, yes it's an relatively inexpensive tequila...but still! Perhaps the qualities that make is unsuitable as sipping tequila lend itself to the creation of cocktails?

I'm underwhelmed, disappointed...oh, and did I mention I've got a bottle of the Reposado here too?!

¡Salud y'all!