There's always a bottle out there that you've always wanted to try. More often than not it ends up being much harder to get your hands on the you would have expected. For me it's been Cabo Wabo. For years it's name has been banded about and over in Europe you had to be lucky to get your hands on one of the few bottles that crossed the pond. Luckily enough a colleague of mine was heading State-side and I thought I'd make use of his alcohol's okay, he wasn't gonna use it!

Tequila Notes

Brand: Cabo Wabo Blanco
NOM: 1476
Distillery: Impulsora Rombo, S.A. De C.V.
Region: Lowlands - Central
Web Site:

Review Notes

The tequila is obviously clear and I've got to say that it has a very low alcohol taste. I've read about this tequila before and a lot of people tend to be less the complimentary about the alcohol taste of this brand. I'm not going to agree with them. The tequila has oddly enough a slight floral aroma with just a hint of citrus and white pepper. The agave taste is clear and those floral aromas return in the finish.

So....anyone crossing the pond in the not too distant future?

It's widely reported that this tequila is somewhat 'oily' and 'harsh' on the tounge. I've got to say I've not really noticed. The tequila to me is clean, simple and enjoyable to drink. As blancos go it seems to be a great preview of what's to be had in the reposado or the añejo.

¡Salud y’all!