So I bought a new bookcase recently...the idea behind it was to make more of a display of my tequila collection. Books? Don't be daft. The result of all this was that I found bottles that had been tucked away behind others that I'd really been meaning to sit down and review. Don Alvaro Tequila Blanco is just one of the many that will be making their way online in the not too distant future.

Okay, let's get the official description out of the way, and then we'll get in to it:

Don Alvaro Tequila Blanco exudes a brilliant silver color, distinctive fresh aroma, clean crisp flavor and spicy smooth finish. Carefully handcrafted from one of the Cetto family's original recipes, it is perfect for the most refined and exacting palates.

I get excited about most new bottles of tequila than come to the office, but from the moment this bottle of Chamucos Tequila Blanco Especial arrived I was desperate to get it open and get at that sweet agave juice inside. The quirky design of the cardboard box containing the the bottle reflects just how much thought and time has gone in to packaging alone. Adorned with a hand drawn pop-out devil (or Bogey Man if your translate Chamucos to English) you just know that if as much thought and care has gone in to the contents inside of the bottle...there is no way you could be possibly disappointed.

Sometimes curiosity gets the better of me, and I just have to find out if something is worth drinking. That's how it went with Yeyo. During 2011 the web was alight with talk of a new tequila on the scene, stimulated by a very heavy social networking presence. Boasting modern design and with high praise being thrown from pillar to post I quite simply had to find a way to get my hands on a bottle and try it.  Luckily Jon Bullinger himself was kind enough to send us one to taste, although to be honest I wasn't that much against having to jump the pond and head State-Side at some point this year to pick one up. Either way we finally got a chance to see just what all the fuss was about.

Another newcomer to the scene has made its way in to our review section. Well newcomer is perhaps not the most apt word to describe this tequila as there’s quite a bit of history behind how this brand made it to the market, tracking all the way back to 1923 where Feliciano Vivanco tended his agave field and became somewhat of a local hero. Under his watchful eye and loving care, his fields of beautiful blue agave became known, far and wide, for their exceptional quality and sugar content. But you're not here for a history lesson...

Something new, well at least for us, was to get our hands on some flavoured tequila from Tanteo. Normally we'd advise avoiding these sort of things as the flavour is usually an additive that's been thrown in, but Tanteo are infusing their tequila to get these flavours so, along with it's attractive packaging, it entices you to see what it's all about.

Flavoured tequila was previously prohibited by the CRT, but in 2006 the rules surrounding the infusion of tequilas with various flavours was relaxed allowing for the production of these drinks.