Aye, Pura Vida sent us all three for review. If you’ve not read the reviews for both the silver and gold versions of this brand then hit up the links, or jump into the search function and check them out. Pura Vida Añejo is aged for a minimum of one year in high quality, American oak bourbon barrels which promises to be an ultra premium tequila for aficionados who value exceptional quality, old-world craftsmanship.

Tequila Details

Name: Pura Vida (añejo)
NOM: 1414
Distillery: Feliciano Vivanco y Asociados, S. A. de C. V.
Location: Highlands - Los Altos
Website: http://www.puravida.mx

Review Notes

This añejo is very light in color, perhaps due to it being aged for just the minimum amount of time required for the the anejo classification (1 year). There is a sweetness to the aroma with a very heavy presence of vanilla. As well as sweetness there are deep oak aroma’s coming off the glass, clearly from the Kentucky bourbon barrels used in the aging process. If you're into those strong woody anejos then this could be the tequila for you, regrettably I’m not. As I swirl the tequila around my glass I’m seeing quick and long legs, they’re not too thick but still manage to create a thin film on the glass. What’s interesting to note is that the flowery and vegetal notes seem to be gone. The finish is very smooth, easy going with just that hint of spice.

To like an añejo I personally believe it's got to bring something extra special to the table. Now I'm in no way saying that this is a bad añejo, it's just that in my opinion it could be better, especially when you compare it to the gold version from this brand. That said it is however an interesting tequila. I tried a whisky drinkers trick and poured some water in to my glass. I can hear the aficionados screaming, but it really gave this tequila a whole new dimension and really lifted those floral tones and spices whilst subduing the sweetness of the anejo allowing me to appreciate it more. Either way it's certainly an interesting tequila that's worth a look in, but if you wan't to try just one bottle from this range I would seriously advise taking a look at the gold.

¡Salud y’all!