So....the wife and I went shopping in London today and of course we pulled in at 'Navajo Joe's' for dinner. I got into a natter with the barman over tequila and he said I had to try this stuff! The bottle is a bit tacky but I put that aside and took the barman's word for it. To prove his point he poured me a third of a shot and told me to drink it. I did...loved it and he filled the glass again...told me to take and sip and then topped it up! 

Tequila Details

Brand: Porfidio Anejo Single Barrel
NOM: 1462
Distillery: Inmobiliaria Mast, S.A. de C.V.
Region: Lowlands - Central
Web Site:

Review Notes

It's a deep golden brown colour that's sweet smelling, it just oozes caramel at ya! It begins with an oak flavour, strong and proud, caused by being aged for five years in American white oak barrels. Then the sweetness comes through and is followed by that peppery feel that we all know and love! I think you have to get past the tacky bottle and give it a try to be honest. I wasn't disappointed....I'm sure you won't be either!

¡Salud y’all!