During an afternoon of sunshine and.....well, very little else.....a friend and I were making our way through a bottle of this. It was so good that by the end of the afternoon the bottle was gone and I had completely forgotten to prepare dinner for my in-laws that were arriving later that evening. It probably goes without saying that I was in trouble.

Tequila Details

Brand: José Cuervo Anejo
NOM: 1122
Distillery: Casa Cuervo, S.A. de C.V.
Region: Lowlands - Central
Website: http://www.cuervo.com

Review Notes

From the off this is just such joy to drink. The slightly disfigured hand blown glass bottle is quirky, yet cool. You grab your corkscrew pull out the cork and pour yourself a glass knowing that it's going to be good (don't panic it comes with a stopper to close it again).This añejo has a gorgeous amber colour and has a wonderfully sweet caramel/oak finish. The agave flavour in this añejo is perfectly balanced against the oak and what you end up with on your tongue is a wonderfully smooth drink that you wish you could just drink forever. It's perfectly smooth without being in any way weak. There's a reason we never put the stopper back in the bottle.

The only problem is that it's getting harder and harder to find a bottle of this tequila and that means the price is always on the up. It's easily one of the best añejos on the market today. If you can find a bottle for a reasonable price you really should try it!

¡Salud y’all!