Blue Nectar Tequila (, the hand-crafted, super-premium Tequila focused on agave-forward flavor profiles, celebrates its five year anniversary by announcing the launch of an integrated communications campaign. The campaign will support sales growth in the U.S. market of their four Tequila expressions – Silver, Reposado Extra Blend, Reposado Special Craft, and Añejo Founder’s Blend.

This Sunday, July 24, is National Tequila Day. But with the growth and popularity of Mexico's proud spirit surging around the globe, the holiday should more aptly be called "International Tequila Day."

Patrón Spirits will mark the occasion of International Tequila Day with events and promotions across the world, and the launch of the Patrón Cocktail Lab, a highly interactive cocktail recommendation site that leverages cutting edge technology to showcase the versatility of this sophisticated spirit.

Ford and Jose Cuervo are testing the bioplastic for use in vehicle interior and exterior components such as wiring harnesses, HVAC units and storage bins. Initial assessments suggest the material holds great promise due to its durability and aesthetic qualities. Success in developing a sustainable composite could reduce vehicle weight and lower energy consumption, while paring the use of petrochemicals and the impact of vehicle production on the environment.

“At Ford, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment,” said Debbie Mielewski, Ford senior technical leader, sustainability research department. “As a leader in the sustainability space, we are developing new technologies to efficiently employ discarded materials and fibers, while potentially reducing the use of petrochemicals and light-weighting our vehicles for desired fuel economy.”

As interest increases in recycling and repurposing used materials into functional items and works of handcrafted art, Patrón tequila proudly announces the third edition of the "Art of Patrón" Bottle Art Contest, celebrating unique creativity and artistry – for the chance to win $10,000.

Over the years, the iconic Patrón glass bottle has become a symbol of the brand and its premium craftsmanship, and has inspired countless artists – professional and amateur alike – to transform the Patrón bottle into handmade visual and functional arts. The "Art of Patrón" Bottle Art Contest celebrates this consumer enthusiasm by encouraging people across the U.S. to share their artistic vision, using Patrón's signature bottles as inspiration.

At the beginning of this year, Kim Brandi sent cease and desist letters to all companies distributing and/or selling KAH Tequila. After a U.S. District Court Judge denied Worldwide Beverage Imports'–importer of KAH Tequila– motion for preliminary injunction against Brandi's company–Iconic Brands, distributors began to follow Brandi's request to halt the distributing and/or selling of KAH; this appeal stems from an intellectual property dispute, as Kim Brandi, the owner of Iconic Brands (, has copyrights on the packaging design of these skull-shaped bottles.