Z Tequila Releases Video of Founder Pepe Zevada Conducting An Exclusive Tequila Tasting. The footage brings Pepe Zevada, the namesake and founder of the tequila brand to the forefront. The 15-minute video begins with how Z Tequila began, with the Pepe Zevada story. Jose “Pepe” Zevada captures his guest’s attention by telling, with a few jokes in between, about his 30 years of experience in the spirit industry. He candidly tells about his successes at large spirit conglomerates such as Brown-Foreman where he served as a Vice President and introduced iconic brands such as Jack Daniels to Latin America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. After serving as a Vice President at Brown-Foreman and others like Hiram Walker and Sauza he retired to Austin, Texas.

His retirement lasted an entire six months before friends dragged him back in to the spirits industry by convincing him to make his own premium tequila. In 2008, Pepe created Z Tequila, based out of Austin, Texas, with the help of his friends and relationships that he has cultivated throughout his career. Pepe tells his guests at the tasting, “It [the spirit industry] is in my blood. I love it. It’s a people’s business.” And with that philosophy Z Tequila has seen rapid growth and success in central Texas.

Pepe Zevada then shifts to educating his guests about tequila: its history, the importances of using mature agave piñas, and the processes involved. The quality of the agave used and the careful approach to distillation is the foundation for superior tequila. Pepe later explains, “This is a very important part of the tasting. When people understand tequila and what I do to make my tequila taste beautiful; they try it and fall in love with the flavor.”

Z Tequila has recently been acknowledged for its superior taste by taking home three medals including the highest medal honor awarded in the 2012 San Francisco World Spirit Competition, the most prestigious competition in America. Z Tequila Reposado won a Silver Medal and Z Tequila Añejo won a Gold Medal. The Z Tequila Blanco was unanimously awarded a Gold Medal by all 34 judges thus earning the coveted Double Gold Medal.

About Z Tequila 

In 2008 in Austin, Texas, Pepe Zevada founded Z Tequila. After 30 years in the spirits industry and tasting tequilas from all over Mexico, his friends asked him to create the finest tequila that they could sip together, so he did. The result is the best tasting, premium quality tequila, sold at a fair price. Z tequila is made with 100 percent patiently matured agave azul grown from the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico and crafted through traditional techniques by true distillery artisans. Tradition meets cutting edge technology in the filtration and aging processes for an uncompromised smooth and elegant taste in each of the Z Tequila products: Z Tequila Blanco, Z Tequila Reposado, and Z Tequila Añejo.

Z Tequila Blanco was awarded a Double Gold Medal for it's superior taste during the 12th Annual San Francisco World Spirit Competition in 2012. Today, Z Tequila can be found all over Texas and is continuing to grow a faithful following. For more information about Z Tequila please visit pepeztequila.com or facebook.com/pepeztequila.