Xzibit Launches The World’s First Five Times Distilled Tequila

Xzibit is launching his very own brand of luxury tequila, Bonita Tequila. The Bonita Spirits Company and Xzibit made the official announcement today after rumors circulated late last week following a leak of the information on BallerStatus.com. The product will have limited availability leading up to the official launch date, set for February 2013.

Bonita is the world’s first five-times distilled tequila, created from 100% blue weber agave from Jalisco, Mexico. It is packaged in pure crystal and wrapped in a satin-lined box, created for a true luxury feel.

“Our company was founded based on a simple idea; that by combining modern technology with centuries-old tradition, we could create an ultra-premium tequila unlike anything the world has ever known.” – Chris Brown, Founder and CEO of The Bonita Spirits Company

Xzibit, a well-known artist, actor, and former television host was sent an early sample of Bonita in September of 2012. He was immediately blown away by what Bonita had created.

“The tequila was amazing,” Xzibit said. “The packaging was beautiful and dynamic, and the brand was perfect.“

He knew at that moment that he had to make Bonita his own. Bonita needed to become the tequila to define a new generation of hip, urban-savvy consumers who enjoy luxurious and artisan products with a modern flair.

Leading up to the official launch next February, Bonita will be featured at the Phoenix Tequila Fest at US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ on December 15th and 16th. Fans and tequila connoisseurs can sample the tequila, receive a signed autograph from Xzibit, and have their photo taken at the booth.