Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2014 Announces Best Tequila

The Ultimate Spirits "not like any other competition and doesn’t want to be" Challenge have released their results for 2014. We've taken the time to go through them and separate the wheat from the chaff to bring you the only results that matter. Tequila! No doubt in a few days we'll be hearing from certain brands regarding their success, and as always we'll be more than happy to put their success in to the spotlight in more detail, but for now here's a breakdown of the winners.

Ultimate Spirits Challenge’s methodology raises the standard for competitive beverage evaluation by instituting more rigorous judging. Each product is reviewed under ideal tasting conditions over a period of time that allows the product to express its best characteristics. Each product is evaluated blind by panels in multi-stages assessments to remove any inherent or individual bias.

Full results in the main article.

2014 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Chairman's Trophy Winners

Blanco: Siete Leguas Blanco (95 points)
Reposado: Blue Nectar Reposado (94 points)
Añejo: Siete Leguas Añejo (95 points)
Extra Añejo: Herradura Seleccion Suprema Extra Añejo (94 points)

Finalists Blanco (100% Agave) Category

El Tesoro Platinum Plata (94 points)
Casamigos Blanco (93 points)
Cruz del Sol Silver (93 points)
Olmeca Altos Plata (93 points)
Sauza 901 Blanco (92 points)
Tequila Cabeza Blanco (92 points)

Finalists Reposado (100% Agave) Category

Ambhar Reposado (92 points)
Espolon Reposado (92 points)
KAH Reposado (92 points)
Olmeca Altos Reposado (92 points)
Casamigos Reposado (91 points)
El Tesoro Reposado (91 points)
Siete Leguas Reposado (91 points)
Tres Agaves Reposado (90 points)

Finalists Añejo (100% Agave) Category

El Tesoro Añejo (94 points)
KAH Añejo (93 points)
el Jimador Añejo (91 points)
Tres Agaves Añejo (90 points)

Finalists Extra Añejo (100% Agave) Category

No finalists this year

For a full list of all the results, including other spirits, be sure to check out the Ultimate Spirits Challenge website results page. Curious who was triumphant last year, then check out the results from 2013.