CRUZ del Sol Tequila (CRUZ Tequila), the award-winning brand of Los Diablos International, reports stronger than expected holiday revenue in 2011, forecasts a record breaking 1st quarter in 2012, and answers the question: Can popular holidays share common trends?

“Absolutely,” remarks Pep Katcher, President of CRUZ Tequila. “Although, Cinco de Mayo is a very busy holiday for us, early indicators suggest that February 2012 will be our biggest month, since we launched our first award-winning Tequila in 2008. From a national view, our news validates Bill Saporito’s recent article for TIME magazine. In ‘Higher Spirits’, Mr. Saporito’s reveals his investigative reporting in New York City along with trends from Nielsen* that indicate spirit sales increased 4.3% nationally and in a flat economy. Further, the reporting also puts the percentage in perspective, given the fact that in the $60 billion alcoholic-beverage industry, each market-share point is worth about $600 million at wholesale.”

What other factors will help break February records for CRUZ Tequila? “Hard work and increased focus from our distribution partners (Young’s Market Company andRepublic National Distribution Company), our growing presence in retail chains, and tremendous consumer response in our local markets power a significant 2012 forecast,” adds Todd Nelson, Vice President of Marketing for CRUZ Tequila. “From the beginning we knew our Tequila had promise and that was really exciting. Fast forward to 2012: bigger partnership opportunities; North American expansion; extended industry recognition; together with a refusal to compromise on quality. Factors, that have built another level of excitement – as we had envisioned seven years ago.”

How do business forecasts, translate to sales? “Preparation for expansion and working towards bold goals that include delivering year-over-year growth, have been keys to our group’s success,” offers Saulo Katcher, Vice President, of Operations, for CRUZ Tequila. “We also think that taking on new initiatives, while proactively covering 10’s of 1,000’s of global sales with top retail and on-premise accounts, has paved the way for our partnerships with key Distributors.”

What does a snapshot of success look like? “We are fortunate to have over 1,100 placements in Arizona today," states Todd Ellinwood, CRUZ Tequila Arizona Market Manager. "As we prepare for Valentine’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and other major holidays, it is clear that our product's reach will grow across the state as our partnership with Young's Market Company expands."