Blue Ribbon Restaurants introduced Toro de Lidia Tequila as part of the menu offerings at the new Austin Blue Ribbon Restaurant in the Renaissance Hotel. A crowd welcomed Eric and Bruce Bromberg, authors of "Blue Ribbon Cookbook,"  and dined on culinary samples as well as sampled the tequila for the kick-off party.

Toro de Lidia, a new 100% Agave Tequila from the Jalisco region of Mexico, is now available at Specs Fine Liquors in the Texas area and will be expanding with Blue Ribbon Restaurants as the Bromberg Brothers open 24 more restaurants across the United States.  Toro de Lidia is a fine Tequila that is produced with 100% of the finest selection of Blue Agave, using spring water to ferment and is aged in white oak barrels.

Toro de Lidia Tequila was created for the "Fiesta Brava," the centuries-old Spanish bullfighting feast. A toro de lidia is the thoroughbred of bulls used in bullfighting -- bulls with a natural instinct to attack. They are known for their valor and elegance, traits cultivated through centuries of controlled breeding. In the Middle Ages, knights would use spears and train with these toros as a form of medieval combat practice. Their servants, however, would fight them on foot -- a practice that would later evolve into bullfighting as we know it today.

Toro de Lidia is aged in American oak barrels, with select agave that is carefully trimmed of its pencas (or leaves)  to avoid any bitterness in the distillation process. The tequila is then oxygenated by running it through a water pump, and later filtered through activated carbon filters.