Yes Cinco de Mayo has arrived and once again you're planning what to do and, more importantly, what to drink. Usually you'd knock up a margarita, the same thing you drink every year, and get on with the festivities. This year why not try something different.

Now if only there was something out there to offer you guidance on the options available. Oh wait...there's a book for that!

Written by Colleen Graham ¡Hola Tequila! celebrates just about everything you can possibly imagine about our treasured agave juice. Within the book you'll find information on the production, culture, and in my favourite chapter 'Tequila Through Time', the history of tequila.

The book also contains 90 cocktail recipes, many developed by the author herself, that will inspire readers to break out their tequila and start experimenting. This book has however much more to offer than just a list of cocktail recipes. You will also find that it contains useful information on setting up a home bar, making sure you have the right utensils as well as some tricks of the trade.

¡Hola Tequila! isn't just for those with a penchant for cocktails, it also contains tasting advice for those looking to take tequila tasting a little more seriously. Advice on glassware and characteristics you should be looking for during a tequila tasting are also covered. In no time at all you'll be drinking and talking tequila like a pro.

Colleen Graham has served as the cocktails, mixology and bar-tending expert for the New York Time's web site ( since 2006. During her time as the 'Cocktail Guide' she has developed a wealth of knowledge about finely crafted cocktails and mixed drinks. She is also a nationally certified bartender and has studied with some of the best bartenders in the world. As a tequila 'ambassador' she develops original cocktails for companies such as Hiram Walker and has visited numerous distilleries to learn the process of producing alcohol.

¡Hola Tequila! quite simply oozes Colleen Graham's passion for tequila and she even goes so far as to write tequila a love letter, something I'm sure we've all wanted to do at some point. Whether you're new to the tequila scene, a lover of cocktails or if you're just curious about all things tequila then this is quite simply a great book to add to your collection.