Tequilatown is pleased to announce the release of the 'Tequila Database'. From now on you can have full access to all the information you require, without having to go anywhere else.

So what is this database all about? Well, quite simply, it's a list of all current tequila brands and the Distilleries that produce them, along with their assigned NOM from the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT). We get the information directly from the CRT and place it in to an easy to digest form for you. As the information is released from the CRT we'll be updating the information so you can rest assured that they information you're searching it 100% up to date.

So if you want to know which tequilas have the 1414 NOM, or which are produced at Casa Cuervo then hit up the link and find out for yourself.

The Tequila Database

Oh, and over the coming months we'll be adding more functionality to it too!