The End Of An Era: Farewell TequilaTown

If you follow our ramblings on social media you would have no doubt picked up that for quite some time now we've been trying to acquire our dot-com domain name, with little success. For reasons unknown whoever owns it has zero interest in selling it and rather chooses to allow the URL to lay dormant and unused. A shame.

After countless years, offers, brokers and attempts to backorder we've decided that it would be more prudent to simply rebrand ourselves and move forward under a new name. It's a decision that has not been taken lightly, I can assure you. We've been operating under the tequilatown name for over 10 years now and it's become more than just a website, it's become an extension of who we are. When we're talking shop in a bar and all of a sudden someone says 'Hey, you're from that tequilatown website!', it never fails to raise a smile and we know that the reputation we've built up over the years has had a positive effect.

From our point of view however a dot-com is a must so back to the drawing board we went, now older and wiser than when we first began, to recreate ourselves. We wanted a name that encompassed all of the agave spirits and one that would stand out in the crowd. So many sites in this field go with the formula or, as we had previously. After much brain scratching 'Crushed Agave' was the end point. Our new logo and branding should start to appear across various media in the coming days, as well as a small colour change to our standard website design.

Not too much is really going to change, we will still be bringing you all the latest tequila news, and we'll still strive to be the largest tequila resource on the internet. However, as our new name suggests we're not just going to limit our reporting to tequila. Initially this will in the form of a broader news section featuring articles regarding all 100% agave spirits. Later we'll no doubt bring about similar changes across the rest of the website.

Panic not, we know our way around the interwebs and any links that you may have been set up to tequilatown over the years will automatically redirect to the new domain name. If you're a site owner please feel free to update any links and logos to reflect the new name. Google has already begun reflecting the changes. We've chosen to let the old social network accounts remain active, and we'll continue to post to them in the future too. We want to make this as easy as possible for our readers.

Allow us to soften the blow

People don't like change, I get we're making this transition easier with a giveaway. Our good friend Mr Tomas Estes has been kind enough to donate a copy of his book 'The Tequila Ambassador' for us to give away. Just get in contact with us via email, twitter, Facebook or any other means that suits you and tell us you that want to take part in our prize draw something along the lines of:

'I'd love to read that book', 'I must have that book' or even 'Free book! Gimme Gimme!'.

Just make it clear that you want it and we'll work the rest out, pool all the entries, and pick a winner in May.

Thank you all for taking the time to come to the site each day and hope that you'll continue to use us as your source for all things agave in the future.

Kindest Regards, and as always...

¡Salud y’all!