Tequilera Corralejo Extends Portfolio With Flavoured Tequila

Tequila Corralejo is pleased to announced the addition two new products, Tequila Cream with Chocolate, and ‘Diezmo’ Tequila Coffee Infusion liqueur to its portfolio. Both new varieties will will be introduced at the TFWA Asia Pacific Conference & Exhibition (stand B02).

Tequila Cream is a mixture of two major ingredients in the history of Mexico, Tequila and Chocolate Cocoa; this drink has a unique taste and texture. Its creamy consistency and distinct tequila flavour with notes of chocolate real Cocoa make this an excellent companion to drink after a meal. Available in 750 ml quantities and at 20% abv, Tequila Cream with Chocolate is presented in a beautiful golden bottle, making it perfect as a gift item in travel retail.

Tequila Corralejo's second flavoured Tequila, ‘Diezmo’ Tequila Coffee Infusion liqueur, is created from fresh roasted coffee beans harvested in the Mexican Highland region of Chiapas, which is then infused with Tequila for 20 days giving an authentic coffee aroma and subtle flavour. Like Corralejo’s Tequila Chocolate, the product comes in an attractive 750ml bottle and is perfect as a gift item or for self purchase.

Source: Tequilera Corralejo