Tequila Matchmaker App - 'Matchmaking' your National Tequila Day, July 24

Our good friends over at TasteTequila.com have chosen to raise awareness of their amazing mobile application "Tequila Matchmaker" in their latest press release. We'd expect that readers of this site, the dedicated tequila aficionados that you all are, would already have downloaded this months a go...but just in case you need a little encouragement to get it downloaded and to be matched with your perfect bottle, here's the full press release.

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Tequila Matchmaker App Brings "Matchmaking" Capabilities to the Spirits Industry in Time for National Tequila Day, July 24

The Tequila Matchmaker mobile app's innovative algorithm is similar to that used in the online dating world and can detect and recommend tequilas that best fit a user's individual tastes.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2013


Who says you can’t find love at the bottom of a glass? One tequila-loving couple did just that, and are now helping others do the same. Their creation is Tequila Matchmaker, a free mobile app that can detect a person’s unique flavor preferences and match them with tequilas that are right for them. The app is now available for iPhone and Android devices.

The app, available just in time for National Tequila Day on July 24, makes it possible for users to cut through the marketing hype and discover their own personal taste preferences using a special matching algorithm, similar to that used in the online dating world.

Founders (and spouses) Grover and Scarlet Sanschagrin met through their love of tequila and have been recognized as tequila specialists for the past several years through their tequila review site, TasteTequila.com.

"Let's face it, paying good money for a tequila you've never tried before is like going on a blind date. Chances are, it won't work out," said Scarlet Sanschagrin. "But with this app in your pocket, trustworthy advice is a finger tap away."

As soon as you use the app to "like" or "rate" tequilas, the algorithm will pick up patterns based on your personal preferences and price sensitivity, and then offer suggestions for other tequilas you should try. The app can also tell you where to find recommended tequilas (in bars, restaurants, or retail stores nearby) by using your phone’s GPS location services.

The Tequila Matchmaker currently lists 2,280 different tequilas from 1,270 brands. It was important to the founders to remain impartial, so development has been funded by sources outside of the tequila and spirits industries.

"We created this app out of our own passion for tequila," said Grover Sanschagrin. "We wanted an unbiased tool for tequila enthusiasts."

Other features of the app include: 

  • Rating and flavor “fingerprinting” of tequilas from thousands of tequila fans
  • A full list of tequila distilleries and the brands made in each
  • Inventory lists for tequila bars, restaurants, and retail stores nearest a user
  • Current tequila trends, including top rated and most active brands
  • Tequila news feed from a variety of sources
  • A calendar of tequila-related events from around the world

The Tequila Matchmaker started as a fun and interesting experiment that led the founders from high-tech San Francisco to old-world Mexico, where they lived for 2-years, just so they could study the spirit.

“We wanted to make tequila accessible to more people, and thought we could do that by using the same type of technology at play in the online dating world,” said Grover Sanschagrin. "The results have been surprisingly accurate.”

About Tequila Matchmaker 

Tequila Matchmaker is a free mobile app that can detect a person’s unique flavor preferences and match them with tequilas that are right for them. Tequila Matchmaker is now available for free in Google Play and the Apple App Store. Additional information can be found at TequilaMatch.com.