The more observant of you may have noticed, over the past couple of days, that a tequila product list has appeared on the tequilatown. At the time of writing this the project is currently in its infancy and we have a lot of work still to put in. Our estimation is that it should take another two months to complete. If we fall short of that deadline, then please forgive us.

What is the purpose of this list?

We are aware that there are other sites that list tequila products on their websites, however we find all those lists to be both incomplete and difficult to navigate. We decided to therefore take matters in to our own hands and complete the project that so many others have chosen, one time or another, to begin. The purpose of out listing pages are purely for education, information and entertainment value. Consider it a tequila archive that will always be accessible to the public.

Why is it not completed at publication?

We've chosen to roll our listings page out early, and to add items to expand our catalog of tequilas, as we thought it would be more beneficial to the community that way. We had already assembled a comprehensive list of tequila brands, their NOM identifiers as well as the distillery associated with the particular brand and it seemed a bit redundant to just sit on the data and to not share it.

How long will it take to complete the listings?

Our current estimation is that it should take two months to complete. Our goal is to first add all the brands that have been reviewed on the tequilatown (phase one), then to add all tequila associated with those brands based on NOM data (phase two), after that we'll add more of the popular brands/NOMs (phase three) and then finally push for the finish line and add what remains (phase four).

Will you be adding more data then is currently presented?

The plan is indeed to add more information at a later stage. However, we've chosen to keep the data will intend to list originally to a minimum due to the very advantageous timeframe that we're trying to work to.

Will you list Mezcal and Sotol brands too?

As well as assembling a comprehensive list of tequila brands we do also have in our possession a list of Mezcal and Sotol brands. This list is in no way as complete as our tequila list and, once all the tequila brands have been processed, we will evaluate whether to publish this data too.

Should you have feedback to give us on this project, whether it be in the form of a suggestion, correction or that you wish to have your brand added immediately to the list, then please don't hesitate to get in to contact with us. 

¡Salud y’all!