The #1 selling tequila in Mexico, Tequila el Jimador, reunites the family of its expressions under one package. Starting in October, Tequila el Jimador Añejo will be available in a new package that aligns its look with its Blanco and Reposado packages.

The new Añejo package first will be available in California and Texas, and roll out to the remainder of the U.S. by year’s end. The new look will feature the same tall, angular bottle as the other expressions and identical iconography of the Jimador on the label to pay tribute to the proud men that harvest the agave plants used to make tequila. The biggest difference on the Añejo package will be a silver background on the label which will radiate the quality of the 12-month aged 100% agave tequila inside.


"From a branding perspective, it is important for the Tequila el Jimador Añejo package to look similar to the other expressions to align it with the brand in consumers’ minds,” said Mark Bacon, vice president for Tequilas in the North America. “el Jimador is quickly becoming the tequila of choice for U.S. consumers looking for a high quality, authentic tequila at an accessible price so we wanted to ensure a consistent look and feel across expressions. Consumers can rest assured the only change was the bottle."

To support the new el Jimador Añejo package, “the 100% Agave, 100% Real” campaign created by AOR Draftfcb Chicago, in conjunction with the Draftfcb Mexico City, will continue to run in various markets. The campaign delivers the primary brand message: “In a world where everyone associates tequila with celebration, el Jimador is the most authentic tequila celebration.” This authenticity is brought to life through a visual of a Mexican wood carving (created by an artist, Claudio Limon, in Guadalajara, the region of Mexico where el Jimador is made). The wood carving illustrates the brand story and is a tapestry of icons and symbols that relate to el Jimador's history, production process and tequila celebration. The bilingual campaign will include television, print, out-of-home, POS and interactive.

Tequila el Jimador is produced by Casa Herradura, which was named "2007 Best Distiller of the Year" by Wine Enthusiast magazine. Since 2000, Tequila el Jimador has received numerous accolades from industry insiders, including the Adams Beverage Media Growth Brand Award in the Fast Track Category for 2005 and 2006.

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Source: Businesswire