America's premier tequila journalist, Mike Morales, reveals rumored environmental polluters of Mexico's Paisaje Agavero (Agave Landscape) in the controversial and hardhitting e-report, Vinazas:  The Corpse of the Spirit of Mexico.

"In 2008, the tequila industry produced 310 million liters of tequila," reports Morales.  "For every liter of tequila distilled, 10 liters of vinazas (wastewater) is produced.  In 2008, over 2.5 billion liters of vinazas is unaccounted for."

Vinazas:  The Corpse of the Spirit of Mexico defines that country's next pandemic--The Vinazas Crisis--as the unconscionable pollution of rivers, streams, arroyos, and land along the Paisaje Agavero (the Agave Landscape) voted a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2006.

"Close to 80 percent of the tequila produced in Mexico is exported into the United States," explains Morales, "so the key is to make as many tequila consumers aware of the ecological dangers of mass produced tequila."

Morales' ambitious goal is to reach 40,000 individuals with Vinazas:  The Corpse of the Spirit of Mexico. 

"Tequila drinkers are killing the environment and they don't even know it," Morales continues.  "It's urgently important to educate ecologically minded spirits purchasers on these crimes."

Moreover, this e-report will inform readers of the possible solutions to the Vinazas Crisis being used in the race to save the Paisaje Agavero.

"To have the stark beauty of the Highlands and the Lowlands of the Mexican state of Jalisco strangled by a toxic sludge that has reached crisis levels should frighten all of us," stresses Morales, "from the casual margarita drinker, to the professional mixologist, to the diehard purist."

Mike Morales hopes that the next time you reach for your favorite tequila at your local liquor store or supermarket that you ask yourself two questions...

Is my brand eco-friendly?  And...

Am I directly contributing to the uncontrolled pollution of the Paisaje Agavero by supporting my brand's total disregard for the environment?

"It is up to the socially conscious, ecologically minded, environmentally active tequila and/or spirits consumer to up level the catch phrase 'drink responsibly,'"adds Morales.

"The time has come to not only drink responsibly, but to also think responsibly and act accordingly."


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Source: Mike Morales