Tequila Cazadores®, the signature 1922 recipe, was just awarded a Double Gold Medal for its Cazadores Anejo and a Silver Medal for Cazadores Reposado at the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition held in late March. The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is the oldest and largest spirit competition in the United States and recognized as the most reputable and recognized competition in the spirits industry.

"We are honored to have been recognized by the San Francisco World Spirits Competition," said Arturo Chaltelt of Tequila Cazadores. "These two important, back-to-back medals represent the commitment to excellence and hard work of Cazadores. Winning these top honors is proof our approach of combining true tequila masters with the finest 100 percent blue agave and double fermentation is a powerful and award-winning union."

It is no surprise these tequilas were recently recognized for their excellence. Double Gold winner Cazadores Anejo (aged) is aged in virgin oak for more than one year before bottling for a truly authentic flavor. The superbly smooth taste of this premium tequila is marked by rich wood and vanilla notes that linger on the palate. Cazadores Anejo is meant to be savored, whether sipped neat or on the rocks.

Silver Medal winner Cazadores Reposado (rested) gets its name from being rested in virgin oak for more than two months to develop a deep, rich flavor. The highly defined character of this medium-bodied tequila is peppered with notes of wood, vanilla, pear and caramel that ultimately produce a light heat and lasting finish. Cazadores Reposado is highly versatile, and can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or blended with cocktails.

Also try, Cazadores Blanco, a reserved tequila filtered and blended before bottling for a neutral, balanced flavor. Essences of pure agave shine through, creating a clean taste and a short, sweet finish. This natural, light flavor makes Cazadores Blanco ideal for mixing.