In a humbling triumph for the acclaimed spirits brand, Tequila Avión Silver has been awarded Double Gold in the Unaged Tequila category and Avión Añejo a Gold medal in the Aged Tequila category at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The award follows consistent praise from critics, mixologists, retailers and consumers since the brand’s debut in 2010.

“When Kenny Dichter and I set out to create this brand, our core focus was on quality and taste – we wanted to create the world’s smoothest and best tasting tequila.”

As a first time participant in this most prestigious competition, Avión was measured against numerous celebrated brands in the category. The results confirm Avión’s standing at the top of its class, setting a new standard in quality, taste and smoothness. Its superior quality and taste can be attributed to Avión’s high elevation, estate-grown, 100% Blue Weber agave which are hand-selected then slow-roasted in brick ovens and filtered through a proprietary “ultra-slow” filtration system.

“We are thrilled with the results of the competition especially given the fact it was The San Francisco World Spirits Competition,” commented Ken Austin, Founder of Tequila Avión. “When Kenny Dichter and I set out to create this brand, our core focus was on quality and taste – we wanted to create the world’s smoothest and best tasting tequila.”

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is the oldest, largest and most recognized spirits competition in the United States, judged by thirty-three prominent spirits experts including Anthony Dias Blue and Tony Abou-Ganim. The Double Gold award is presented when a spirit is unanimously awarded with a Gold medal by all judges.

“The support of industry experts including the mixology community, retailers and our distributor partners has been key to our success,” remarked Jenna Fagnan, President of Tequila Avión. “Positive reviews by experts in the media have raised our profile exponentially.” The Tasting Panel magazine exclaimed, “To taste the three [varietals] is to be floored by their surprising smoothness.” Renowned spirits critic Tony Sachs of The Huffington Post even stated that Avión’s “unaged blanco tequila is the best I've ever had.”

Avión’s smooth flavor profile has sparked consumer demand and loyalty, rapidly accelerating the brand’s launch schedule from two to twenty markets months ahead of schedule. The three Avión varietals, Silver, Reposado and Añejo, are now or soon to be available in many high-end bars, clubs, restaurants and liquor stores in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington DC, and Wisconsin.

About Tequila Avión

Tequila Avión is the ultra premium tequila that defines a new standard of quality and taste - “Taste Elevated.” Produced by fifth generation agave growers from among the finest Blue Weber agave found in the highest regions of Jalisco, Mexico, Tequila Avión’s distinct flavors are achieved through a combination of slow-roasting at lower temperatures to protect the natural flavors of the agave and an ultra-slow filtration process which creates an unusually smooth taste profile. Tequila Avión is available in Silver, Reposado and Añejo varietals. To learn more please visit or Facebook; Tequila Avión or twitter @TequilaAvion.

About the San Francisco World Spirits Competition

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition was held on March 18-20, 2011 at Hotel Nikko in downtown San Francisco. Judging is based on a blind, consensual procedure ensuring competitive integrity, making this competition the most reputable and recognized competition in the spirits industry.

Source: BusinessWire