SX Latin Liquors Scores Perfect 10-0 Victory Over Leading Tequila Brands in Cinco de Mayo Taste Tests

Ten out of ten people who sampled SXchachacha Tequila during a series of taste tests leading up to Cinco de Mayo preferred SX Latin Liquors' product over other leading tequila brands including Patron, Jose Cuervo, Herradura, Avion and Corzo.

In a taste test dubbed "The SX Challenge," a random selection of tequila drinkers in South Florida were filmed sampling shots of their favorite tequila and SXchachacha, a 100 percent agave reposado tequila infused with the taste of Mexican lemons with a hint of honey.  Every one of the 10 testers preferred the taste of the SX spirits, citing SXchachachas's superior flavor, warmth and smoothness.

SXchachacha, which SX introduced in April along with an aged rum with lemon and mint and a cachaca-style rum with sweet limes and vanilla, has already received accolades for its quality and taste.  It earned a gold medal for best tequila after being selected from among 1,106 products from 61 countries at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition earlier this year.

The "S" in SX stands for Sensual and the "X" for eXotic, and the participants in the SX Challenge described SXchachacha's unique contoured bottle in which the great-tasting tequila comes as "sensual," "sexy," "curvy" and reminiscent of a beautiful woman.

When asked to put the SXchachacha tequila on a scale of one to ten, 100 percent of the tasters rated it a 9 or 10.  One enthusiastic participant declared it an 11!  Each of the tequila drinkers expressed a desire for more SX—and a few of them helped themselves on the spot.

SX Latin Liquors, which is being distributed by Southern Wine and Spirits, will begin appearing in leading South Florida bars and restaurants in June and will also be available for purchase in liquor stores.

Watch a short video with highlights from "The SX Challenge" on the SX website, its YouTube Channel and on the company's Facebook page.

About SX

SX Latin Liquors is a line of premium spirits including award-winning tequila, rum and cachaca. Infused with sensual and exotic ingredients to deliver the ultimate taste experience, its products appeal to discerning consumers looking for delicious drinks that can be enjoyed over ice or inside their favorite cocktails.  Learn more at become a fan on the SX Facebook page.

Source: SX Latin Liquors