Further proving that there is always a market for the weight conscious, Slim Spirits recently launched a line of slimmed-down liquor that’s 25% lower in calories than brand-name counterparts. How do they do it? Alcohol contains calories, and a 1.5 ounce serving of 80 proof (40% alcohol) vodka, tequila, gin, whiskey, or rum contains about 100 calories (97, to be exact). The Slim lineup is 60 proof (30% alcohol) and a 1.5 ounce serving is only 72 calories.

Slim Tequila is not for tequila connoisseurs who want to sip a fine tequila. It’s a reposado "mixto", which means that while the reposado tequila is made from agave and rested for 3-6 months in used bourbon barrels, it has been blended with other ingredients and is not 100% blue agave. The other ingredients are used to enhance flavor and color. (Slim Tequila is made at La Cofradia (NOM 1137), which also produces Casa Noble and Amate.)

Essentially, we examined liquor making traditions from around the world and isolated the methods responsible for the exclusive tastes of classical alcohol varieties. Then, we simply mixed and matched those traditions to craft liquors with extraordinary flavor profiles. For example, we boost the flavor of Slim Tequila by aging the finest Mexican agave spirits in American Bourbon barrels.

- Slim Staff

Mixing Slim Tequila into a traditional margarita, or any other cocktail, is a much better idea then sipping. It tastes just as strong in alcohol and flavor as a margarita made with Cuervo or Sauza Gold and you save on calories. For cocktail fans who do not want to change their drinking habits too much, but are watching the waistline, switching from the usual mixto to Slim Tequila is a good idea.

Source: Examiner.com