cPanel, the leader in web hosting automation software, has joined forces with Riazul Premium 100 percent Blue Agave Tequila for the 5th Annual cPanel Conference. Take a seat, sit back, and get ready for this: Riazul is the official tequila sponsor of cPanel Conference!

The cPanel team has been working to add a few twists to this year's conference, and what better way to do that than to bring an awesome and unique product on board. Riazul Premium Blue Agave is an up-and-coming tequila grown in Jalisco, Mexico, and distributed through Houston, TX.

Riazul not only makes a killer premium tequila, which will seriously make you re- evaluate every drink you've ever ordered at a bar, but their company culture and brand excitement closely mimics that of cPanel's. This made Riazul the natural choice for cPanel Conference.

Riazul will also bring their amazing story of achieving success in a highly competitive market place. cPanel's Vice President of Operations, Aaron Phillips, said everyone is beyond excited about bringing in something different to the cPanel Conference this year.

"We're looking forward to providing cPanel Conference attendees with a truly rich experience, and having Riazul present as a sponsor will bring in elements of fun and education," Phillips said. "I have no doubts that introducing Riazul at cPanel Conference will result in an industry move that will declare them the 'the official drink of the web hosting industry'!"

Riazul will exhibit at the cPanel Conference, and attendees will be able to learn about, and taste, Riazul's entire product line, which comprises their Silver, Resposado and Anejo tequilas. But wait, there¼s more.

In recent years, cPanel has been known to host events that defy the meaning of the term “next level.” How could anyone forget the recent cPanel shindig dubbed “Unleash Your Inner Geek,” which was declared by HostingCon ( organizers as "the best event ever" in HostingCon history.

In true cPanel fashion, prepare to expect the unexpected. cPanel Conference attendees are already preparing, mostly by stretching and a little yoga, for the cPanel/SoftLayer ( Mystery Event! The cPanel team will disclose the official event name at the Conference. And of course Riazul will participate “heavily” in this soon-to-be-famous after-hours event.

The cPanel team guarantees they will, not only provide a phenomenal educational experience to conference attendees, but ensure there will be a few over-the-top, Riazul- induced, events that will result in numerous business networking opportunities and an amazingly good time. cPanel Marketing Manager, Diane Sager said cPanel is very honored to have Riazul participate at cPanel Conference- Automation Bootcamp and its accompanying events.

"We anticipate they will add something different for the attendees and will take our events to the next level, which is what we¼re always trying to achieve," Sager said. "Riazul's motto is 'flow freely,' and that's exactly what we're going to do at cPanel Conference 2010. The information, education, and cocktails will "flow freely"—it will be the best conference to date."

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About cPanel:
Since 1997, cPanel has been a leading innovator and developer of control panel software for the web hosting industry. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, cPanel builds software that allows web host professional to transform standalone servers into fully automated point-and-click web hosting platforms. cPanel licensed software allows owners of servers and websites, along with resellers and developers, to optimize their technical resources and replace tedious shell-oriented tasks with dynamic, intuitive web- based interfaces.

About Riazul Tequila:
Grown and harvested in Jalisco, Mexico and distributed through Houston, Tex., Riazul is a silky-smooth, premium sipping tequila made from 100 percent agave. The land, from which Riazul's agave is harvested has been passed down from generation to generation since the Mexican War of Independence. The name "Riazul" marries the Spanish words for “blue" and "river” to invoke images of a free-flowing body of water, constantly moving forward and rolling along a seemingly fixed course, while quietly cutting and shaping new paths in the process.

The resulting product line — Riazul Anejo, Silver, and Reposado — all honor the original Mexican tequila sipping culture. Each selection also embodies distinctive characteristics, achieved through harvesting, processing and aging techniques that distinguish them from traditional tequilas. Even the Riazul bottle design features a slight curve, bending against pressures to conform to prescribed standards of sameness.

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