Tequila…we've all been there, done that and have the amazing stories to tell. Whether you're the instigator, wingman or follower within your group of friends, Hornitos™ Premium Tequila, the 100% Puro Agave tequila, has just announced the results of a new poll on how tequila fans create legendary nights out.

Nearly 2,000 people tested their "Instigator Quotient" in an online quiz to determine if Hornitos fans are the life of the party or just along for the ride. Hornitos is the perfect way to instigate a great night, and the IQ Quiz details the finer points of kicking off the evening, and then taking it to a whole new level.

Hornitos celebrates the Instigator, that one guy who consistently rallies the troops, and always makes the night better. When an Instigator takes charge, a regular evening becomes a night like no other, and the stories told the next day become legends. Hornitos, like the Instigator, guarantees a night of great possibilities.

Hornitos' new quiz – first in a series published on Maxim.com – gives guys important insights into the Instigator lifestyle and shows how to get an evening going. The Instigator Quiz ties into the recent Hornitos television advertising campaign, which features real-life moments in Instigation.

The Hornitos Instigator Quotient Quiz results reveal the mind of the Instigator, his life choices and daily habits:

  • Tequila is the Instigator's drink of choice, favored by 82% of quiz takers, with vodka a distant second at 17%.
  • The true Instigator cares more about getting the night started than getting dressed, with an overwhelming majority (85%) able to get out the door in 15 minutes or less.
  • 42% of fans chose Adam Sandler's character in "Happy Gilmore" as their Instigator role model, besting legendary firebrands Jesse James (either one), The Dude (The Big Lebowski) and Drama (Entourage).
  • Connecting to the well-received Hornitos "Cougar" ad, respondents chose Pamela Anderson as the Instigator's favorite cougar by a wide margin (51%). She beat out Courteney Cox-Arquette (31%), whose sitcom focuses on the cougar way of life.
  • Text messages are the Instigator's favored mode of communication (61%) to gather the gang for a night out, with only 19% using Facebook and 12% checking in on Foursquare.
  • Lawyers (29%) trump therapists (5%) when an Instigator programs his speed dial.
  • Instigators reach for a shot glass (72%) over the TV remote control (7%) when there's a lull in the evening's activities.
  • Keeping it loose is important for an Instigator, with 32% "going commando" on a hot date and 21% opting for boxers over briefs (13%).

The Hornitos Quiz provided fans with a score – their Instigator Quotient - ranging from the highest – "El Capitan" – to the lowest - "The Anchor." Hornitos fans did very well on their first quiz, with 30% scoring as "El Capitan" – the Chief Instigator.

  • The majority (63%) scored as "The Wing Man," the Chief Instigator's faithful sidekick, with only a few showing a need for Instigator Education: 6% scored "The Life Preserver" and 1% as "The Anchor."

The Hornitos Instigator Quiz will become a regular feature for friends of the brand, providing Instigator Education and a chance to learn tips designed to make a great night even better. Connect with Hornitos® on Facebook.com/HornitosTequila to get daily instigation updates.

Hornitos™ Premium Tequila

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