Hot on the heels of Pura Vida Tequila's launch into the California Tequila market, the "World's Best Damn Tequila" will be distributing its Ultra-Premium Tequila throughout Mexico -- and not just in the Highlands of Jalisco.

Pura Vida has chosen the highly esteemed La Europea Distribution Company as its nationwide distributor. Beginning in 1953 in Mexico City, La Europea has grown to boast over 44 locations, providing high-end spirits, wine and gourmet accessories. Identified as experts in superior customer service, prestige and price, La Europea is a perfect fit for Pura Vida's expansion throughout Mexico.

"The market leaders and industry shapers of La Europea have the will to win, the desire to succeed and established relationships to grow Pura Vida Tequila into a global brand," said Pura Vida Tequila Founder and Chairman Stewart Skloss. "La Europea's desire to anticipate, meet and exceed customers' needs makes them a perfect match for the high standards of our ultra-premium product."

Coming at the tail end of a bang-up year for Pura Vida -- including their successful early launch into the California liquor market, launch of Radio Pura Vida (the first radio station owned and operated by a liquor company) and massive events with Rock-N-Roll Hall of Famer and fellow investor Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top in Austin, Dallas, Houston, El Paso and San Antonio -- the national launch throughout Mexico is the next logical step.

"We look forward to sharing our superior spirit, created by our partnership with the world-renowned Vivanco family (NOM1414)," added Skloss. Gibbons isn't the only celebrity that backs Pura Vida's extraordinary line of tequila. They've seen support and endorsement from a laundry list of Hollywood hard-hitters, and for good reason. It's hard to ignore the quality of this triple-distilled 100% pure blue weber agave tequila -- almost as hard as ignoring their much-deserved success in 2011.

Pura Vida's success is due in no small part to its unparalleled professionalism, competitive pricing, astounding customer service and quality that cannot be matched. Steven Vourvoulias will head up the Mexico launch while the company conducts a world-wide search for a Director General of Mexico.

Pura Vida Tequila currently offers Texas, California and now Mexico markets a line of ultra-premium tequilas in three expressions: Silver, Reposado and Añejo. An Extra-Añejo label will be released March 2012. The lineup of light-your-world-on-fire tequilas is bound to take the world by storm.