Pura Vida Tequila Set To Rock The East Coast

Pura Vida Tequila have announced plans to launch their brand on the East Coast of the United States. Pura Vida Tequila premiered in 2011 with a Texas-only debut and was then later brought it to the West Coast at The Hollywood House of Blues 20th Anniversary fiesta in 2012. After only six months of aggressive growth in California, Pura Vida expanded into Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Nevada and New Mexico, increasing its U.S. tequila stronghold to seven states and 43% of the available consumer tequila market. 

The company’s highly anticipated East Coast launch will take off April 25, 2013 at The Hard Rock Hotel and Resort, at Universal Studios in Orlando beginning the weekend festivities with a kinda “Old School meet New Cool” Velvet Sessions concert with the Grammy nominated 80s hit rock band ASIA. The addition of Florida, which controls 5.8% of the U.S. tequila market, the third top tequila consumer state, Pura Vida’s reach is fast approaching 50% of the US tequila market.

An additional development, announced by Skloss, is the appointment of liquor industry veteran Charles “Chip” Hartnett to the position of Eastern U.S.

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