Patron Wants You to Breathe Life Back in to Your Old Bottles

Tequila collectors have always struggled with what to do with their empties. Some keep them for posterity, the environmentally conscious among us throw them in the glass bins for recycling, and those that are of the artistic persuasion turn them in to masterpieces...or vases. If you find yourself to be of the latter persuasion then Patron Tequila have a competition that will have you reaching for your paintbrush and glitter in no time.

Launched today, The Art of Patron, is a competition encouraging you to give your empty Patron bottle a second chance at life by turning it in to an original piece of art. Patron fans, who are 21 and older, can visit and discover how they can showcase their original Patron bottle artwork and set themselves up with a chance to win $10,000.

For more information, as well as the full competition rules, be sure to check out the press release.