Patron, the ultra-premium tequila that revolutionized the white spirits category, is transforming the summer cocktail with The Art of the Drink series. Joining forces with many of the most innovative up and coming mixologists from across the United States, The Art of the Drink salutes summer's long, sunny days by re-thinking the elements that comprise the perfect summer cocktail.

"The Patron Margarita, Deconstructed," will kick off The Art of the Drink as the first installment of the cocktail series. Utilizing the classic margarita recipe as inspiration, Patron called upon three of the country's most creative cocktail minds to re-imagine the drink in their own, unique way. Each drink in this installment embodies a new take on the perfect balance of sour and sweet that has made the margarita America's number one cocktail.

"Because the different expressions within the Patron portfolio are all carefully crafted, they allow for a tremendous range of flavor profiles in drinks, making cocktail possibilities endless," says Jennifer Long, Brand Director for Patron Spirits. "We are thrilled with what the mixologists came up with for the first installment of The Art of the Drink, and think that paying homage to the margarita — an iconic summer beverage — is the perfect way to introduce our exciting summer cocktail series."

Mixologists Kyle Fountaine of Blackbird in Chicago, Ryan Szydlo of OneSixtyBlue in Chicago and Greg Seider of Summit Bar in New York carefully considered the composition of the classic margarita and used it as inspiration to produce a fresh take on a summer favorite. The end results are perfectly balanced drinks, enhanced by the incredibly refined and smooth taste that Patron has become known for.

In addition to "The Patron Margarita, Deconstructed," The Art of the Drink will also include cocktail series focusing on "Patron Green Market" drinks and "The Patron Salt Concierge." "Patron Green Market" will showcase cocktails from mixologists and that bar chefs that embody the concept of slow food and utilize ingredients found at greenmarkets during the summer season. "The Patron Salt Concierge" will examine salt as a crucial component of the drink experience, with cocktails designed to be a complete exploration of salt as a flavor.

The Art of the Drink will also highlight the perfect occasion for which each cocktail was created — a suggested occasion will be offered for each creation, whether it's brunch, an aperitif for a summer picnic or a night on the town. A perfect accompaniment for a broad range of occasions, Patron can be dressed up or dressed down, as the Art of the Drink series will showcase.

The Art of the Drink series commenced on June 15 with "The Patron Margarita, Deconstructed," and will continue with "Patron Green Market" in July and "The Patron Salt Concierge" in August.


Distilled and packaged entirely by hand, Patron tequila is produced from the finest 100 percent Weaber Blue agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, and is the world's highest-quality ultra-premium tequila. Every step in producing Patron – from harvesting the agave to the time-honored Tahona and roller mill distillation process to the individual labeling, signing and inspection of each bottle – is done with the careful precision and care that can be accomplished only by hand. For more information, visit

Source: Patron Tequila